U.S. Seal 30 MFD 370v Run Capacitor 5vr0303 (20)

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»» Description:

The U.S. Seal 30 MFD 370v Run Capacitor - U.S. Seal is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical pump seals in the United States. For nearly 50 years, U.S. Seal has provided quality products through its network of distinguished nationwide distributors. As most engineers know, a successful seal must be designed to give long life, reduce maintenance and provide automatic self-adjustment. The seals in the U.S. Seal Mfg. line meet these basic requirements and much more. Item # USS5VR0303

»» Application:

  • Pool Accessories

»» Features:

  • Quality product
  • Item # USS5VR0303

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Manufacturer's Website

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