Hayward Super Hump Tire Kit For 2X and 4X Pool Cleaners Blue - 896584000-143

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Hayward Super Hump Tire Kit For 2X and 4X Pool Cleaners Blue 896584000-143. This tire is light blue and made from a solidified rubber material which gives the cleaner the ability to move with ease around the pool's bottom surface. This also gives the cleaner the ability to climb up and down the pool walls covering more surface area for a neat and clean pool. The tire was also designed with large humps that allow the cleaner to be raised so that way it can make its way out of trouble areas like the drains or over larger objects in the pool that the cleaner cannot remove. When trying to troubleshoot an issue you are having with your cleaner not moving or grabbing the pool's surface as well as it was before you can always start by checking the cleaner's tires. These parts can wear and deteriorate over time based on the use of the cleaner and have little square marking that indicates the tread level, when the tires are below these markings then it is time for them to be replaced.


  • Used in pools with abnormally high main drains
  • It is used on the front tires to stop the cleaner from hanging up
  • Includes 2 tires per pack; available in blue color
  • Perfect for smooth or slippery pool surfaces such as: tile and/ or fiberglass pools (tires are solid beige color and come as a pack of two)

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