Hayward Rear Skirt Set 'A' For 2X and 4X Pool Cleaners - 896584000-099

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Hayward Rear Skirt Set 'A' For 2X and 4X Pool Cleaners 896584000-099. The Skirts were created to aid the cleaner in its suction capabilities by creating a pocket underneath the cleaner as its operating so the dirt and debris the cleaner rolls over the top of cannot escape its grasp. The Skirts are also designed to move up and down, conforming to the surface of the pool so that way the pocket does not break. These parts are White and designed to be placed on the back side of the cleaner where they attach and slide onto Brackets made for the Skirts. Now these Skirts do not have rollers on them like the ones needed for the front, but the angle and design of these Skirts do not warrant them.


  • For Use With: The PoolCleaner(TM) by Poolvergnuegen 2X and 4X Pool Cleaners
  • Item Name: Rear Skirts, White – 2 Wheel
  • Packaging Quantity: Set of 4
  • Type: Cleaners - Parts and Accessories


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