Taylor K-2005 Professional DPD Chlorine + Bromine Test Kit

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»» Description:

Taylor Professional Test Kit K-2005 - The Service professional's kit. Taylor's Professional kits are also very popular with the thorough homeowner. This complete test Kit uses DPD reagents which are the most accurate available.


Unlike other test kits Chlorine shows up red - much easier to read than other kits which show shades of yellow.



»» Application:

  • For use testing various chemicals in any pool type or size

»» Features:

  • Tests For:

    • Free Chlorine

    • Total Chlorine

    • Bromine

    • Alkalinity

    • pH

    • Calcium Hardness

    • Cynauric Acid (Stabilizer)

  • Complete with Case, Test Vial and Includes DPD Reagents

  • Components for Kit Number: K-2005

     Component    Description    Quantity 
     5136    INS,K-2005 SERIES    
     6026    WATERGRAM,CIRCULAR    
     7047    CASE,2000,TOP/BOTTOM,(7122)    
     7049    CASE,2000,HANDLE,(7122)    
     7292    LABEL,K-2005,COMPLETE,HIGH    
     8026    KIMPAC, 4 X 7.75 WHITE    
     9056    2000 CL/BR DP HI/PH 7.0-8.0    
     9191    BOT,CA DISP,7&14ML,PL W/CAP    
     R-0001-A    DPD RGT #1; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0002-A    DPD RGT #2; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0003-A    DPD RGT #3; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0004-A    PH IND SOL (PR);.75OZ DB    
     R-0005-A    ACID DEMAND RGT (ADR);.75OZ DB    
     R-0006-A    BASE DEMAND RGT (BDR);.75OZ DB    
     R-0007-A    THIOSULFATE N/10; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0008-A    TOT ALK IND; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0009-A    SULFURIC ACID .12N; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0010-A    CALCIUM BUFF; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0011L-A    CALCIUM IND LIQ; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0012-A    HARDNESS RGT; .75 OZ DB    
     R-0013-A    CYA RGT;.75OZ DB     2




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