Sea-Klear 4-in-1 Pool Water Clarifier-1 Gallon - 90302SKR

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The original chitosan clarifier in the swimming pool and spa industry.

SeaKlear 4 in 1 Clarifier for spas is a natural clarifier that keeps spa and hot tub water sparkling clean by removing organic debris, grime-forming excess oils, and heavy metals such as manganese, copper, and iron.

It is ideal for preventing common water cloudiness. It effectively clears away dirt, oils and excess metals with a simple dose and leaves your hot tub, spa or pool water clean, clear and sparkling.

A Natural Clarifier for hot tubs, spas and pools attracts organic debris with chitosan, a natural polymer, and carries it to the filter.


  • Improves filter efficiency.
  • Safe for plants,pets, fish and your family.
  • Natural and eco-friendly.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Strongest, proven effective and environmentally-friendly chitosan-based clarifier
  • Strongest and best clarifier available
  • Enhances filter's performance and longevity
  • Removes high levels of organics and non-organics
  • Positive ROI, reduces maintenance cost and time

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