Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max 1 Qt. - MAX006

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Lo-Phos Max effectively eliminates phosphates from pool water and minimizes pool maintenance, reducing the use of other chemicals, and saving you money!

Lo-Chlor Lo-Phos Max quickly removes phosphates from your pool water, reducing chlorine demand and saving you time and money. This product is one of the strongest on the market for keeping algae in check and preventing algae blooms. This product does not affect water balance and is compatible with salt chlorine generators, so it can help any pool stay clear and balanced.


  • Highly concentrated formula removes phosphates quickly
  • Reduces chlorine demand and costs
  • Increases efficiency of salt chlorine generators
  • Compatible with all pool chemicals and pool surfaces
  • One quart can remove up to 7,500 ppb phosphates from water

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