Lo-Chlor Miraclear Blue 1 qt - MCB001-12

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See your water polished to a sparkling shine! Miraclear Blue utilizes a unique polyelectrolyte formula that is non-toxic and biodegradable to improve filter efficiency. Plus, its 20% stronger than other major competitors!

The Lo-Chlor Miraclear Blue product is a unique liquid formula that will help your pool clear up hazy or cloudy water, and return it to a sparkling and crystal clear blue color once again. This polymer based clarifier will attach to the microscopic particles floating in the cloudy water to make it easier to be filtered out of the pool. Not only will this product give your pool shining blue water, but it won't affect your pools water balance.


  • Clarifies water and returns it to a sparkling blue color
  • Improves filter efficiency and sanitizer efficiency
  • Does not affect water balance
  • Polymer based clarifier
  • Boosts filter efficiency
  • Excellent weekly treatment
  • More concentrated than competitive products
  • Combines suspended particles for improved filtration
  • 1 oz. treats 6,000 gallons

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