Hayward Navigator and Ultra Gear Box Assembly * AXV408P

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»» Description:

Hayward Navigator and Pool Vac Ultra replacement gear box assembly - AXV408P. The gear box assembly is used to make the cleaner turn in its unique pattern.

One way to tell if the Hayward gear box is the problem is: while the cleaner is in the pool and working take the hose and pull the hose so the cleaner is not touching the ground but it is still underwater. You then wait and watch. You should see the head turn to the right or left every few minutes. If this works then the problem is most likely not the gear box. If it does not turn then the problem is the gear box.


»» Application:

  • Hayward Navigator

  • Hayward Pool Vac Ultra

  • Arnsen Pool Vac

»» Features:

  • High Quality - Genuine Hayward Replacement Parts

»» Product Notes / Warranty / Manufactures Website:

To visit the manufacturer's website Click Here

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