Complete Pool Equipment Checkup & Inspection


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With every delivery, performs our Complete Pool Equipment Checkup & Inspection. This inspection was designed to provide our customers with a thorough diagnosis of their pool filtration system.

Often times there are issues with the pool equipment that you aren’t even aware of that should be taken care of before they result in bigger more costly problems.

We understand that every time you have to hire a service professional, schedule an appointment, and arrange for them to access your property, it can be an inconvenience. Our Complete Pool Equipment Checkup & Inspection helps identify most problems on the first trip.

This inspection process was developed over a 20 year period, and continues to be refined as new and better procedures are introduced. 

Upon conclusion of our inspection - our Pool Pro Home Delivery Team will give the results of the inspection to the Home Delivery Team, from there it will be divided into most severe to least severe issues. We will reach out to you via Email, Text or Phone Call to discuss any and all findings along with recommendations on solutions.

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