Zodiac Hose Weight For Baracuda G2 G3 Pool Cleaners - W83247

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Zodiac Hose Weight For Baracuda G2 G3 Pool Cleaners W83247. It is also made from the same high-grade plastic material as the original factory part. Making this a genuine OEM product. This part was designed to be exactly what it is, a weight. The Barracuda G3/G3 Pro is extremely light, unlike other suction cleaners Zodiac produces like the MX8/MX6. The weight helps by keeping the cleaner on the bottom of the surface as opposed to floating up to the top of the water, ultimately making the cleaner ineffective. This hose weight is Aqua Blue and should be positioned in the first section of the hose. You want the weight to be about 39 in. or (1 M) from the cleaner to ensure the cleaner floats properly allowing it to do the job it was designed for.


  • W83247, Zodiac Brand Item Number W83247
  • Used On Zodiac G3 Pool Cleaners
  • Used On Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaners

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