Aquachek Phosphate Pool Water Test Kit 20 Strips - 562227

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Aquachek Phosphate Pool Water Test Kit 20 Strips 562227 is simple to use and delivers accurate water readings in a minute or less, so you’ll almost immediately know if your pool has even the most minute levels of phosphates. When left unchecked, even a small amount of phosphate in your pool water can feed algae and create significant problems, so don’t let the issue get out of hand. Let AquaCheck do the work for you and ensure you have the results you need to maintain a beautiful and healthy pool all the time.


  • AquaChek One Minute phosphate test kit is easy to use and highly accurate
  • Kit features testing powder pillows, a vial for samples, a color chart, and detailed directions
  • Accurate readings of water phosphates after only 60 seconds
  • Phosphate readings of 0 to 1000 parts per billion
  • Use with phosphate-removing products like ZeroPhos, PHOSFree, or Lo-Chlor Starver
  • Test for phosphates once a week as high concentrations can occur because of rain, debris or bather load
  • Each bottle features 20 tests

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