Providing Prompt Pool Repairs and Maintenance

Is your pool becoming harder to enjoy because you're tired of maintaining it? The Water Club of America, Inc. will keep your pool in top condition through fast repairs and maintenance. Request pool service by filling out our work order form or calling us at 941-957-0040.
Rely on our locally owned and operated company for all your pool needs - from cleaning services and weekly maintenance to pool and equipment repairs.

Fair Pool Repair and Labor Fees

Standard Labor Charge: $95.00 (Includes the 1st half hour of labor. Costs $115 if not paid day of service)
Every Half Hour After: $50.00
Diagnosis of Heaters: $145.00 (minimum charge)
Pool Leaks: $295.00
All-in-one leak service includes interior shell check and repair AND pinpoint underground plumbing leak detection.
***Digging and plumbing leak repair is an additional charge***
Emergency Calls: $170.00 (24 hour response time guaranteed)
Emergency Calls for Heaters: $195.00

Licensed Professional Installation Fee

This will be the minimum standard installation fee for whole good products not purchased from The Water Club of America, Inc. for an extended warranty. Please be advised that the labor rate could possibly increase due to certain circumstances.
Pumps, Filters, Salt Systems, and Automation: $195.00 Labor
Heaters: $315.00 Labor
*If payment is made upon completion to either the technician on-site or called into the office on the same day of service prior to 4:30 pm, the labor rate for all repairs will be reduced by $20.00.

Read Our Disclaimer

Quotes provided by store personnel are only estimates and not a guarantee of the exact prices. If the repair costs more than what was quoted, the technician will contact you before any work begins.
Once you have placed a work order, we'll contact you as soon as possible during our regular business hours. Your repair will be scheduled within 3 business days. Your assigned repair technician will call you between 7:30 AM and 9:00 PM on the day of service.